Thursday, October 1, 2009

绝命派对 Invitation Only - Anyone watch it?

绝命派对 as the name indicate, a party that take your life, but the storyline is so unreal, a batch of rich guy host a party to torture and kill 'normal' or 'not so rich' people, where is the logic in it?

The script writer must have hate the rich people so much, that he/she decide that all rich people are mad and jealous of 'normal' people, so they decided to kill them for fun, come on, I not a rich person, but I do not think people who are rich act in this way, furthermore, they have so much to lose if they do so, they have to be insane to commit what they do in the movie, and giving the chance to lose everything if they are caught.

OK, pretty girl, great body, some cool death/torture scenes and a bad ending, that all for the movie, no wonder is not show in Singapore. CORRECTION: It is now showing in Singapore!

Rating 3/5