Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Blu-ray

Finally, Blu-ray version of the Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen released! There are a already few torrent release of the BRRip version on the internet, but some of them are not really BRRip, get the one from Wrath or SecretMyth, true AC3, 5.1 and it just under 4GB. Of course you can choose to download the 720p Blu-ray version which about 8.2GB.

Best of all, purchase the Blu-ray and support the movie!

Rise of the Gargoyles 2009 Review

A movie about Gargoyles, what are they thinking??? B-grade movie with B-grade actor and acting, I think Director of the movie should treat viewer with some respect, not all viewer are brainless, please put some intelligence into the movie , same old storyline, people get killed by monster, police do not believe, main actor have to take the matter in his own hand, worse of all, the main actor is a suppose to be a Professor who teach History but shoot like a NYPD cop, what the f*x#!, and why in the face of danger, the reaction of the actor is so stun and slow, it does not appeal in real life, real people do not react like that. The fear will overcome all common sense, and you are suppose to run for your life or weak on your knee, not standing there admiring the creature...

Not all is doom, special effect on the Gargoyle is not bad, but there are too little shot on the creature to leave a impact.

Rating 2.5/5

The Last Remnant PC - Playthrough

Fantasy game! Great game-play, graphic, soundtrack, OK, the storyline is a bit cheesy and bland, but they do have their climate, up and down, 'spoiler->' who will expect Emma to die! just when you think the game is coming to end, here come the 'Enlightened Seven', and just when you think you trash the game, the Extra Mission will bash you down and you need to grind again...

Forget about the gamespot rating, I will give a 9.5 out of 10, I will recommend to anyone who love a great JPRG game on PC, but be prepare and patient to spend first 2 hours of boring training and up level till you got at least 3 union, that where the fun start! Well at least till Final Fantasy XII is out and there is a PC version...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crystal Report Vs FastReport Vs StimulsoftReport

Despite on how much people dislike Crystal Report, I think it still do the trick and get the job done. Simple task like creating business object, purchase order, Invoice are a breeze to Crystal Report, it not that hard on FastReport though, StimulsoftReport require some learning curve.

Try to do a sample group PO by pages, and Crystal report come up as easy as 123, FastReport/Stimulsoft all require a second pass to calculate the page no. and sometime they don't display the page count correctly.

Small footprint and speed is what I like about FastReport, easy to deploy, nice skin, and great end-user report designer included. Crystal report that come with Visual Studio is great, but lack punch and features (no end-user designer capability).

Bear in mind, I'm new to all reporting tools, but Crystal Report seems to have a easier learning curve, and the object properties/displacement make sense to a newbie like me.

The Hills Run Red 2009 Review

Well, just finished the movie, and by all mean, it not that bad, but the whole movie make no sense, don't expect too much. The ending is awful, "spoiler->" what happen to the guy? he go mad or he become the next babeface? are there going to be a sequel? So many question unanswered....

Rating 3/5, can skip if you don't have much of a time.