Monday, September 28, 2009

Crystal Report Vs FastReport Vs StimulsoftReport

Despite on how much people dislike Crystal Report, I think it still do the trick and get the job done. Simple task like creating business object, purchase order, Invoice are a breeze to Crystal Report, it not that hard on FastReport though, StimulsoftReport require some learning curve.

Try to do a sample group PO by pages, and Crystal report come up as easy as 123, FastReport/Stimulsoft all require a second pass to calculate the page no. and sometime they don't display the page count correctly.

Small footprint and speed is what I like about FastReport, easy to deploy, nice skin, and great end-user report designer included. Crystal report that come with Visual Studio is great, but lack punch and features (no end-user designer capability).

Bear in mind, I'm new to all reporting tools, but Crystal Report seems to have a easier learning curve, and the object properties/displacement make sense to a newbie like me.

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