Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Farewell to Dragons PC Review

This started off as a solid game, very unique story line, you are a present doctor/dentist that are drag into a mid-world by a 13 yrs old teen-girl, who also a mage that helps you on the quest and fall in love with you along the way(with a 13 yr old girl??). the story slowly develop while you destiny seems to clear, you either become a Dragon Slayer or the Dragon itself that destroy the Mid-world, the choice is your. Top-notch visual presentation, different choice of weapons, it a combine of both fantasy and present world, you get your usual sword, axe, bow and arrow, but also revolver, machine gun & chain saw. Combat is the same as Dragon Age Origins, pause and issue command to your party to launch spell/attack, combat can get very intense as you are always 1 or 3 levels lower than you enemies. "Grinding" is possible by sleeping/rest at a "Bad" area, wake up and you are surrounded by baddies. But the game is very un-polish with technical flaw, character get stuck in wood, rock etc, enemies freeze in the path while attacking you, and certain items are unclear on their usage, it crushed the game with no reason. It look to be a alternative to Dragon Age Origins, but it not. Although the navigation/camera work it much better than DAO, but it just dose not save the day with those technical bugs/errors. Wait for a patch before purchase it.

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