Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GREED Black Border PC Review

A space-shoot-hash as to Space Siege, the game is very standard, shoot everything in sight, collect loots, trading and upgrade your amour/weapon, shoot some more to progress. Visual is pretty decent, but the control feel awkward at time, shoot and move are the same left mouse click, they should look at the way Alien Shooter 2 configure. WASD for the movement, while the left mouse is for firing. The camera shift and pan while you move your WASD key. There are moment in the game while you want to shoot the enemy but end up walking toward the enemy, as you left click on the area and issue a move command rather than attack. Dodging is not very effective as it the same as Space Siege, you hardly can dodge any income hit.
Well If you can get pass the movement glitches, then you might enjoy the game as it progress. But I will give Shadowgrounds Survivor a thumb up to this title.

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